Openstack User Survey is released

The latest user survey has been published online.

The results are extremely encouraging and show a continuing adoption of Openstack.

Ubuntu Openstack Liberty release

Canonical have released Openstack Liberty to the Ubuntu Cloud Archive today.
You can find it here:

Along side the Openstack release is the new Juju charms that support Liberty also released.
You can find the release notes here:

Openstack in Production: London - 1st - 3rd December

We are having our first open classroom course on Openstack in Production at the University of London on Tuesday 1st December until Thursday 3rd December.

We are also offering 25% off for early registrations until end of October.

You can see the details of the course outline here.

Customising MAAS to use multiple NICs on deployment

Following on from my first post on Customising Ubuntu MAAS to deploy Puppet we can further customise MAAS to deploy with multiple network interfaces on deployment.

If you are deploying Openstack then recommended architecture includes multiple network interfaces for each server node.  For a production deployment there are often as many as 4 NICs per node.

Join the European Openstack Operators Meetup

Openstack Operators are getting together to create the Openstack European Operators Meetup, to share experiences with running Openstack in production environments.

If you are an Operator of Openstack, whether a private cloud or public cloud or just POC at the moment, then please consider participating to share operations experience with Openstack in Production.

Customising Ubuntu Metal as a Service (MAAS) to deploy Puppet


If you are deploying Openstack then you will need a server deployment tool, to build the servers from power on, in order to then configure each server for Openstack.

Welcome to Stack Evolution Launch

Today we are launching our new website on

I am proud to announce our new website to showcase our services and expertise around Openstack.

I have been working on Openstack since 2011 and it has developed from a basic project barely able to be installed, up to a solution backed by over 200 companies and used in production by big name brands, service providers and enterprises looking to reduce their cost of IT infrastructure.


Welcome to Stack Evolution.

Please use our site to browse our content.
Please contact us for services around Openstack mainly in the UK and Northern Europe.
We specialise in consultancy, training and we do not affiliate specifically with any vendor, but we have good contacts at all the open source vendors, including Canonical, RedHat and Mirantis.

We offer training courses, custom in-house training for Openstack either with a vendor solution or only use purely open source components.

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