Who We Are

Darryl Weaver

Cloud Architect and Founder

Darryl Weaver is the founder of Stack Evolution and the Cloud Architect.

I have been working on Openstack for about 4 years now, I had a working Diablo release on my desktop PC in around October 2011. It was a raw release with the most basic functionality, but I knew from then that Openstack was going to be a force to be reckoned with in a few years time. I spent my time at Canonical for 3 years being first a Sales Engineer and then Solution Architect working primarily on Openstack, giving demos to customers and involved in some of the public keynote speech demo preparations. During that time I became intimately familiar with Openstack and the internal workings of Openstack. I worked on a number of early production deployments of Openstack that really moved on the stability of the platform significantly. I have since started Stack Evolution to fully realise the promise of an Openstack community that provides teaching for devops and sysadmins on how to manage Openstack in production environments in many technology businesses. I can detail the architecture for an Openstack cloud based on customer requirements and have become highly skilled at this process over the last few years of working with customers. After starting Stack Evolution, I have worked on providing training on Architecture Designs for service providers and enterprises looking to adopt Openstack.