Cloud Architect

We have one of the most experienced cloud architects in the UK that has worked on multiple production deployments of Openstack in the UK market and beyond.  We can provide you with the services of a cloud architect which include:

  • Discussing of design requirements
  • Analysis of in-house expertise and skills requirements
  • Analysis of existing network layout and future network requirements
  • Analysis of existing storage solutions and future storage requirements
  • Analysis of existing management systems, i.e. monitoring, backup, configuration management, version control, processes and procedures.
  • Discussion of partner vendors and support options
  • Detailed architecture design document, which includes:
    • Hardware recommendations
    • Network recommendations
    • Storage recommendations
    • Openstack architecture recommendations
    • Required Openstack Features against requirements including highlighting any deviations from requirements
    • Deployment Checklist
    • Management systems recommendations
    • Vendor support recommendations

The output of a Cloud Architect engagement is the design document that could then be used to obtain a quote from any Openstack vendor to deploy against the design.
If a vendor relationship is required, for example, with Canonical or RedHat, then the cloud architect can manage the vendor relationship and make sure that the vendors professional consultants understand the requirements of the design and document any deviations in deployment from the intended design for the customer to agree before deployment commences.
During deployment the Cloud Architect can also manage any external consultants progress on the deployment and if there are any technical issues that need to be raised to the customer that occur during the deployment.
After the deployment is completed, the Cloud Architect can then put the cloud through a set of acceptance criteria before accepting the deployment as ready for production.  All test results will be shared with all parties for transparency.