Openstack Architecture and Design

Openstack Architect and Design

We have one of the most experienced Openstack cloud architects in the UK that has worked on multiple production deployments of Openstack in the UK market and beyond.

Our service is not burdened by being a partner of any one solution and we can select the best Openstack distribution to fit your needs.  We can also help with vendor negotiations if you require vendor support.

We have worked with the major distro vendor supported distributions and on pure open source deployments using configuration management tools, e.g. Ansible, Juju, TripleO

Our Architect and Design service includes:

  • Discussing of design requirements
  • Analysis of in-house expertise and skills requirements
  • Analysis of existing network layout and future network requirements
  • Analysis of existing storage solutions and future storage requirements
  • Analysis of existing management systems, i.e. monitoring, backup, configuration management, version control, processes and procedures.
  • Discussion of partner vendors and support options
  • Detailed architecture design document, which includes:
    • Hardware recommendations
    • Network recommendations
    • Storage recommendations
    • Openstack architecture recommendations
    • Required Openstack Features against requirements including highlighting any deviations from requirements
    • Deployment Checklist
    • Management systems recommendations
    • Vendor support recommendations

Once we have carried out our assessment process we produce an architecture design document that will detail out the design requirements and how to meet those requirements and the layout of the desired Openstack cloud.  This document can be used as a design spec to either ask for quotes from vendors or for a DIY build process to follow.

Please contact us for a quote.