Openstack Swift for Operations

The course includes practical lab exercises and running failure scenarios on the cluster to prepare operations departments for running Swift in a production environment.

Course Outline

Openstack Basics

  • Introduction to Openstack
  • Basic Projects of Openstack
  • Additional Projects of Openstack
  • Ecosystem

Openstack Swift Architecture

  • What is Object Storage
  • introduction to Swift
  • Swift Architecture
  • Swift node roles
  • Data Structure
  • Rings and Partitions
  • Regions and Zones
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Cluster Networking

Openstack Swift Practical Exercises

  • Access to the Lab Environment
  • Installation of Swift from Packages
  • Configuration of Swift Nodes
  • Building Rings
  • Finalising the Configuration
  • Starting and debugging the cluster
  • Using Swift
  • API Calls using CURL
  • Using the Swift command
  • Request headers and metadata
  • Access Control Lists
  • Workshop Exercises

Openstack Swift Operations and Troubleshooting

  • Importance of the Rings and Builder Files
  • Capacity Management
  • Inspecting the Data
  • Hardware Failures and Recovery
  • Log files
  • Storage Request Process
  • Using the Dispersion Tool

Openstack Swift Advanced Practical Exercises

  • Design a larger cluster
  • Build the cluster on several nodes
  • Populate the cluster with data
  • Run Failure Scenarios on the nodes and disks
  • Responding to many simultaneous cluster failures

3 day Course, including Lab Exercises and advanced troubleshooting exercises.  Please contact us for a quote