What We Do

What is it that we do at Stack Evolution?

We provide expertise in open source Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud software, specifically Openstack.  We participate in the Openstack and wider Open Source community, specifically giving talks and lectures, bug reporting and fixing and sharing techniques with other open source community members.  We provide advice, plan deployments and train your staff to manage an open source cloud solution that competes with the likes of Amazon AWS and other IaaS cloud providers, without the cost of developing an expensive home grown solution. We have been involved in several early production deployments of Openstack here in the UK. Openstack early adopters may have had a rougher ride, but with the experience gained and the bugs squashed, Openstack is now a force to be reckoned with and many enterprises and service providers are adopting the technology in their data centres. We provide experienced staff with Openstack knowledge from real production deployments, with knowledge of all aspects of running Openstack in production. We can assess your requirements, whether a small business deployment or a large service provider and recommend the best solution from free and open source, a managed or outsourced service or a fully vendor supported solution to your IaaS needs.


Please contact us for assistance with your Openstack Projects.